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Every craftsman has a favorite tool...

Most digital designers wet their feet in PhotoShop. It’s as easy to use as it is complicated and a ton of fun. It can be a very useful tool as well as necessary and even become an addiction for some! Adobe is undeniably a godsend to the design community offering many useful applications.

Another favorite is Illustrator, sometimes referred to as “Ill’y”. Illustrator is more of a drawing tool versus the image manipulating world of PhotoShop. The big attraction to Illustrator is the use of vector lines that maintain their proportion when resizing. This I knew going into it, but also discovered a world all its own that eventually allowed me to draw from scratch a two headed ogre with a couple of familiar faces on it. While my ogre doesn’t look like a photo, it could certainly be used in the gaming arena! It is a program as is many that develops your skill set over time (& tribulation) and I have seen renderings of cars that do rival a photo!

After you click one of the images above to view my Illustrator or Photoshop handy work, you’ll notice that I present my work in a slide show format that allows you to click “start” to kick back and watch the show or “pause” to pick and choose. This is also aided with a drop down menu to directly go to individual images. The slide show was created in JavaScript and found floating around on the big WWW. It required many modifications by yours truly to make it fit to my scenario. That’s but one advantage of choosing a graphic designer that also knows several languages of code when building your website. You won’t find that on a DIY website! I hope you enjoy my style/work and choose Shootys Graphix for your graphic and website needs.