Thank you for considering Shooty’s Graphix! Here you will find distinctive and comprehensive website design, as well as high quality graphic services.  All websites built using WordPress’s responsive platform will cover any device you or your viewers may use.  When the work is completed your updated or new website will meet the demands of the fast paced, fluid world of website development.  Most importantly it will be secure from the ever increasing cyber threats that includes malware, ransomware, malware, phishing, data breaches and even user error.

  • Clean SEO practices and content rich pages providing the highest possible *natural ranking, bringing organic traffic to the search engine result pages.
  • Sound programming skills giving you “bug” free, comprehensive custom websites that load quickly and makes Google happy!
  • Graphic skills that can develop visuals to personalize and enhance your pages to capture your brand, royalty free.

*paid programs such as Google Adwords, Moz Pro, SEO Spider, etc. will produce higher ranking and CTR’s.


Shooty’s Graphix is approachable, professional and comes with the confidence needed to create a stable user friendly, esthetically pleasing website that reflects your style and needs.  Building your website will be a team effort that requires your assistance and input especially when defining its content.  Don’t worry though!  You will be guided through each step of the way with prompt, explicit instruction on what is needed from you.


Services Offered by Shooty’s Graphix

Graphic Design

  • Ad design ~ Brochures ~ Business Cards ~ Email Blasts ~ Illustrations ~ Logos ~ Photo Reclamation
  • Animations (created with CSS/JavaScript, SVG, SMIL, GIF, canvas and video)

Website Design

Websites built by Shooty’s Graphix are created in the WordPress CMS platform. WordPress has one of the highest reputations for stability, responsive action and can be customized to any need.  Here are a few things you should know about WordPress:

  • It is a super secure website utilizing a full team of developers  to combat hackers, phishers  and spammers. 
  • WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) designed to help users manage their own websites with no special apps needed.
  • Used by 63.5% of all the websites who uses content management system type platforms. This is 38.3% of all websites. 
  • “Responsive” web design that adjusts to different screen sizes and inherently looks great on all devices.
  • Structured Social Network program that cross promotes your Facebook and other Social pages to each other as well as your site creating higher SEO ranking.


Got Questions?  This is the best way to reach me!