Shootys Graphix – Web Design and Development


The Gears Are Always Turning

The turning gears are some “old school” coding adapted to a “new school” platform. That’s what you can do if you have developer skills!


I’m Gary and I created Shootys Graphix while working on my associates in Computer Information Systems in 2010.  I finished as a Graphics/Web Developer in May 2011 with Summa Cum Laude honors.  At that point I became more than just a web designer, I became website developer, meaning I am a website designer with developer skills.  

My top website skills include the following coding languages; HTML, CSS3, JavaScript,  PHP some JQuery.  Additionally I’m skilled in Visual Basic and SQL.  With these skills I have built many custom websites from scratch, but since 2013 have opted to better utilize those skills within the WordPress platform.  Now my skills are use to manipulate the design with sound coding skills, leaving WordPress and their team of developers who constantly updates their security to battle todays cyber hackers.

WordPress platforms come with thousands of predefined themes that look great and stand up to the demands required for a stable, global website. Although its true that their themes are becoming increasingly easier for “non-developers” to build, with the use of “plugins” (mini-apps), they tend to slow your site down and can sometimes shut it down completely.  My skills allow me to avoid the plugin pitfall and easily customize the aesthetics by manipulating the code, minimizing your plugin count.